Forex Managed Accounts

Modern trading conditions provide active participants of the market with lots of investing opportunities. The main task here is to avoid any risky offers and choose the best way of keeping and increasing your capital.

No wonder, there are people in the Forex market who want to benefit from trading but don’t have enough time to devote and those, who are ready to manage funds in return for a set fee.

FXOpen has seen the need for a new investing tool that can make cooperation between Money Managers and Investors more effective, honest, flexible and transparent.

So, we have put our best efforts to develop an innovative, full-featured PAMM service (Percentage Allocation Management Module). It is a technical solution that helps to automatize profit/loss distribution, eliminate human error and allows Money Managers to manage multiple Investors accounts via one centralized MT4 interface. Forex fund managers in Nigeria choose FXOpen PAMM without any doubts.

The most useful features of FXOpen PAMM accounts are:

  • Intraday Gain Chart;
  • Investor's Offer;
  • Agent Commission;
  • Multicurrency PAMM Accounts;
  • Private PAMM Accounts;
  • Ratings with TOP-10 PAMM Masters and Investors.
  • Public monitoring and performance charts;
  • Illustrative & user-friendly performance monitoring system 

There are 3 types of MT4-based PAMM accounts — PAMM STP, PAMM ECN and PAMM Crypto.

Read more about Forex managed accounts from FXOpen and think over the ability to become a PAMM-Manager or a Forex Investor!

Posted by January 4th, 2018