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Forex in Nigeria: Join & Prosper

While choosing your personal way of becoming prosperous, pay attention to the actively growing Forex Market.

What are the main advantages of Forex?

  • The market is actively growing – every day the number of its participants, trading volumes and profits is going up. You can also join the Forex community and become a part of it ;
  • Forex trading is available all over the world. There is no physical place for it. All you need is a stable Internet connection, a PC and a downloaded trading terminal;
  • The Forex market is easy to join – sometimes you don’t even need a start-up capital or you get it as a bonus;
  • The information on Forex trading is largely available. You can find loads of material in the Internet – so, just read it;
  • Forex trading makes you cleverer, more self-confident and accurate. You can learn to curb your feelings, to think twice before acting and to keep a lot of things in mind.

Try Forex trading with your first free demo account. It helps to test your strategy or learn how to trade in the FX market. You can also open a real trading account and start earning right now with FXOpen, a reliable broker in Nigeria. Choose a welcome bonus for your Live account at the Welcome Bonuses page.

Latest FXOpen News in Nigeria

Apple and Tesla Are Having Stock Splits

Apple and Tesla announced plans in August 2020 to split their stocks. Due to the completion of the split, Apple (AAPL) and Tesla (TSLA) CFDs are expected to begin trading in the United States at an adjusted price based on the Split ratio starting August 31, 2020. Given this, trading on the MT4/MT5 platforms for [...]

Join "Forex School" - a free educational contest on demo accounts

August 31, 2020, Forex broker FXOpen launches “Forex School” — a free educational contest on demo accounts. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company, we have doubled the prize money up to $8000. The contest is open to anyone who wishes to take part. "Forex School" is a unique possibil [...]

Changes to Trading Hours on UK Summer Bank Holiday

Dear Traders, Please, note that on August 31st, 2020 trading hours will be changed as follows: Indices: UK 100 (#UK100) : trading closed. Other indices will be traded without changes. Please, consider this information when planning your trading for the upcoming week. Follow the updates on Facebook, Twitter and Te [...]

FXOpen Warns about Forex Scammers

Dear Traders, We would like to inform you that recently we have received a number of inquiries regarding a person named Henry Wilson (telegram ID @henrywilson11 and Telegram channel named "FXOPEN INC") who contacted people in social media (Telegram, Facebook). Henry Wilson baseless claims that he acts as a representative of [...]

FXOpen Adds a New Index and Changes Commission Calculation

FXOpen is delighted to announce we have expanded the list of Index CFDs by adding Hong Kong 50.   We would also like to inform you that commission for indices is now calculated in percent from the transaction volume. Learn more... New commissions will be applied to all positions opened after August 1. Please consider the informa [...]

"CryptoMania" — A Free Contest with Real Prize Money

On August 3, FXOpen is launching “CryptoMania”, another free contest for demo accounts. Anyone can join the competition to test their skills in crypto trading.   “CryptoMania" is a unique opportunity not only to gain invaluable trading experience but also to win a prize from a fund of 3,000 USD. Registration is ope [...]

Changes to Commodities and Indices Trading on Independence Day

Dear clients, Please note that due to Independence Day celebrated in the USA on 4 July 2020 you may experience the following changes in trading hours on July 3rd: Friday, July 3rd Commodity Spot Prices: Gold and Silver trading ends at 20:00 GMT+3; UK Brent, US Crude, US Natural Gas trading ends at 19:45 GMT+3. Indices: Jap [...]

Expand your trading horizons with a new state-of-the-art platform — TickTrader

FXOpen has launched a brand-new, cutting edge trading platform named TickTrader. It combines five of the most popular financial asset classes of forex — forex, stocks, commodities, indices, and cryptocurrencies — into one individual trading account. Pursue infinite trading opportunities across multiple markets with just a sing [...]

What is no less important, Forex Nigeria is full of brokers offering different trading conditions and opportunities. While choosing a broker, keep in mind all the risks that Forex is associated with. Remember, that you should work with the Company you can trust and rely on.

Here in Nigeria pay special attention to FXOpen. This broker is the one with whom you can establish a long-lasting cooperation. The Company does not only specialize in developing new product and introducing up-to-date technologies, but also aims to provide each client with the greatest service ever.

Nowadays people all over the world are in search of convenient ways of making money. We carefully weigh all pros and cons, calculate profits and losses, take into account possible risks and advice of more experienced people… But you will never know what is good for you until you try.

So, an amazing world of Forex trading is waiting for you. Join and enjoy!

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