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Forex Affiliate Program

FXOpen provides partnership programs to fit every taste: for newbies and experienced partners, individuals and legal entities, financial companies and banks, money managers and investors.

The structure of partnership remuneration is simple and flexible. It depends on the number of referred clients, as well as their trading volumes. The more clients there are and the more they trade, the higher yield you receive as a partner.


There are some advantages of being FXOpen affiliate:


Multilevel - 3-tier level agent remuneration has been implemented;
A commission multiplier. The higher the trading volume of your referrals is, the higher the commission you get will be.
Partnership Program for PAMM Accounts - agents, bringing in investors and managers to PAMM accounts, will be entitled to a certain commission. The commission amount depends on the referral’s share in a PAMM account.
• The lifetime of partnership cookie is 30 days. So, if a user registers not just after his visit, but 2 weeks later, he becomes your referral anyway and generates an income for you.


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Posted by January 30th, 2014