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Join "Forex School" - a free educational contest on demo accounts

August 31, 2020, Forex broker FXOpen launches “Forex School” — a free educational contest on demo accounts. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the company, we have doubled the prize money up to $8000. The contest is open to anyone who wishes to take part.

"Forex School" is a unique possibility not only to improve your knowledge and skills in Forex trading, but also to get real money prizes. The contest will last for 4 weeks.

Hurry up to register before September 20!

Join the Contest

Conditions of the contest:

  • Participation fee: no;
  • Dates: September 6 — October 2, 2020;
  • Registration period: from now till September 20, 2020;
  • Award-winning places: 15:
    • 1st place: USD 1200;
    • 2nd place: USD 1040;
    • 3rd  place: USD 640;
    • 4-5 place: USD 560;
    • 6-15 place: 400 USD.
  • Prize fund: USD 8000;
  • Start deposit: USD 200;
  • Requirements: it is necessary to increase the initial deposit by at least 20% and complete at least 10 trades;
  • Trading instruments (including oil and gas): 54;
  • Account type: demo ECN (contest account);
  • Locking: allowed;
  • Advisors: allowed;
  • Maximum number of trades opened at the same time (including pending orders): 5;
  • Maximum volume of one order: 0.01 (lot);
  • Leverage: 1:100;
  • Margin call: 100%;
  • Stop out: 50%.

Competition rules and restrictions:

  • A participant can become a winner and receive a prize no more than once for all the contests (schools) hosted by ForexCup;
  • It is forbidden to provide false personal data;
  • It is forbidden to participate in the contest from the single computer (IP address) of the same trader on several accounts, as well as participate by trading on other people's accounts by the same trader;
  • It is forbidden to copy other people's trades within the same competition;
  • The scenario when relatives trade from the same computer in the same competition is forbidden;
  • Prize money is transferred only to verified accounts. The maximum period for account verification is 2 weeks from the moment the contest ends. After two weeks, the prize is canceled and can't be transferred to the winner's account.
  • In case of violation of the rules, a contestant is disqualified and is deprived of the right to participate in the contest. Read more.


Important! Prize money will be credited to an investment account. These funds are intended for opening PAMM ECN (for 1st and 2nd place winners) and PAMM STP accounts (for other winners) with subsequent participation in the contest using real accounts. Only net profit from trading can be withdrawn from PAMM accounts. It is forbidden to close a prize PAMM account.

How to take part in the contest?

For new users:

  • Register in ForexCup;
  • Join the contest by clicking the link with data from your personal account.

For existing clients of the company

Important! All contest accounts are blocked before the contest starts.

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