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Profitable Week: Trader from Nigeria is a Prizeholder

The last round of the “Profitable Week” contest in 2014 is over. Now is the time to collate the results. This round brought in 82 traders from 22 countries, such as Brazil, Egypt, Nigeria, Ukraine, Malaysia, China, Russia and many others. Following the results, 23 contestants are eligible for the bonuses for profitable trading.

The winner of the “Profitable Week” contest is Tamara Stoyalova from Russia. Having made 185 per cent of profit, the leader got her 6th victory in the ForexCup competitions. She is awarded with the main prize of US$250 and a bonus to her live account.

Profitable Week Results

The winners are:

  • 1st prize – Tamara Stoyalova (Russia) – 185% of profit;
  • 2nd prize – Gennady Taradin (Ukraine) – 110% of profit;
  • 3rd prize – Ragib Ishraque (Bangladesh) – 105% of profit;
  • 4th  prize – Grigori Hodorkin (Estonia) – 90% of profit;
  • 5th prize – Sergey Meshkov (Russia) – 88% of profit;
  • 6th prize – Ikechukwu Donald Oriaku (Nigeria) – 81% of profit;
  • 7th prize – Denis Fontaine (Canada) – 77% of profit.

Let's applaud all the contestants and the front-runners for their accomplishments.

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Posted by May 8th, 2015