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Scalping Virtuoso-12 Results: 2 Winners from Nigeria!

The 12th “Scalping Virtuoso” round came to an end and the ForexCup team announced the results of the competition.

8 most successful traders were awarded prizes and they have already received their bonuses. Two of the prize-holders are traders from Nigeria. But who became a leader?

ForexCup Contest Scalping Virtuoso-12

The contest brought the well-earned win to an Indian trader Selvakumar Ganesan. He powered past other contestants, made 401% of profit and received the main prize of US$200. Owing to effective use of scalping techniques, seven more contestants received prizes.

Top-8 scalpers are:

  • 1st place – Selvakumar Ganesan (India) – 401% of profit;
  • 2nd place – Gennadiy Karpov (Russia) – 358% of profit;
  • 3rd place – Andrei Bujor (Moldova) – 342% of profit;
  • 4th place – Alexandr Bazhenov (Kazakhstan) – 81% of profit;
  • 5th place – Ikechukwu Donald Oriaku (Nigeria) – 54% of profit;
  • 6th place – Mohd Faiz Bin Mohamed (Malaysia) – 48% of profit;
  • 7th place – YuFan Chiu (Taiwan) – 27% of profit;
  • 8th place – Joseph Folorunso Agboola (Nigeria) – 16% of profit.

Scalping Virtuoso-12 yielded extra result. During the competition, the participants suggested a few changes to the contest terms. The developments come into effect commencing from next round. The upgraded “Scalping Virtuoso-13” starts on September 22, 2014, registration is already available.

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Posted by May 8th, 2015