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The Main “CryptoMania” Prize Won a Trader from Nigeria

In the beginning of June ForexCup launched a new series of contests called "CryptoMania". Let's sum up the results and share the impressions about the contest.

Cryptomania June 2014 - 1st Place Won a Trader from Nigeria"CryptoMania" is a contest based on cryptocurrencies trading (Bitcoin, Namecoin, Peercoin and Litecoin). 

929 traders decided to join the event of a brand-new format. The organizers prepared US$3000 for them as the bonus fund and set the bonus threshold to 10%. So, 156 participants managed to get a reward for a profitable trading.

Together with bonuses, "CryptoMania" offered 10 prizes for the best participants. The leader of the contest is Odianosen Okosun from Nigeria. In his 87th ForexCup competition the winner made 112% of profit. He received the main prize of US$900 and the bonus for successful trading.

Nine more prizes distributed as follows:

  • 2nd place - Sepa - US$600
  • 3rd place - kinzu - US$300
  • 4th place - Muhammad Azeem - US$270
  • 5th place - Vicrom - US$240
  • 6th place - Angelik - US$210
  • 7th place - Muhtorjon Babaev - US$150
  • 8th place - FaidaDA - US$120
  • 9th place - perfxstrnger - US$120
  • 10th place - wwww - US$90

One of the conditions of receiving a prize was making at least 20 trades of 20 lots' total volume during the contest.

We congratulate all winners, bonus-holders and participants with the end of the very first "CryptoMania!"
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Posted by May 8th, 2015